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Frequently Asked Questions

At Equal Bodywork we welcome anyone who is experiencing pain or just wants to have a rejuvenating massage experience. Here are some common questions you may have before your first session.

1) Do I really need a massage?

If you're in denial of your pain and probably suffering in silence, work with a therapist who is trained and fully licensed. Where does it hurt? Now we can begin the healing. Massage can be tough when your shoulders feel like boulders. But with trust, participation, and a willingness to try, your fear of massage will no longer horrify. When you have a therapist like me working on your side, you'll be glad to see that there is no downside.

2) Is this another overpriced massage practice?

If you're tired of expensive treatments and looking to ease your pain, it's time to work with an efficient therapist who will focus on your target areas. By taking the time to listen to your concerns, working with Mak, you will always feel heard. With the right massage techniques, you'll be relaxed with your muscles at ease. With Mak as your therapist, you can leave your stress at the door.

3) Is this the right place for me?

If you're looking for a space to feel respected, whole, and safe, Mak welcomes you fully, you've come to the right place. It's time that you're treated well and leaves fully rested. Let’s customize your massage, so you can feel your best. Your body is your temple but sometimes it needs work. Mak is here to help, at Equal Bodywork. 

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